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Reinvent Your Daily Rituals

I began learning about pottery and design during undergrad at Plattsburgh State University of New York.  After receiving my BFA Degree in drawing with complements in graphic design and ceramics, I took a 2 year hiatus from pottery to focus on design.  I restarted my education in clay at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY where, with the support of my teacher Harriet Ross, I was convinced to pursue a pottery apprenticeship in Washington state.  I have since returned to lower Westchester County where I work as a member artist back at Clay Art Center as well as in White Plains, NY as a production designer for the Casamigos Spirits Company.  I continue my passion for clay and storytelling in my home studio.


The work I create is a meditation on memories and experiences. By its repetitive nature, the medium of clay is a meditative process in its own right and I apply the experience throughout the entire making process. I am interested in awareness of self and how one’s experiences shape their personality and world view. The connection between object and memory is strong, creating a pivotal moment that sticks out as sharp and bright as a knife’s edge, it is those places or people that ground memory that interests me the most.

As a way of creative storytelling I use animal characters to tell the stories that I desire to engage my audience with. Through the vehicle of storytelling I hope to give my audience a moment of thoughtfulness and meditation, thus bringing them full circle to the core of my making practice. We are all connected in our moments of growth – no matter how varied the direct causes of them may be.

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Brand new Skutt 1027, February 2019

Brand new Skutt 1027, February 2019